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Benefits of Dental Implants Marlton NJ

Diagram of a tooth replaced with a dental implantThere are many benefits to getting dental implants. They provide an excellent alternative to artificial teeth and can give patients their self-confidence back with a great smile.

For all intents and purposes, dental implants are replacement teeth. For those patients with additional questions, or who want to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at Periodontal Health Professionals. We are here to answer your questions.

Versatility of Dental Implants

Most people have heard of implants but do not fully understand what is involved in having them placed. When patients have gum disease and are suffering from significant tooth decay and tooth loss, implants are a great alternative. Following are some more benefits of dental implants:

•  They can be used as the foundation for crowns, dental bridges, and even dentures. When the implants are completely healed, they look and feel like natural teeth and can be brushed and flossed the same way.

•  Implants can be cleaned at bi-annual cleanings at our office too.

•  They are not like traditional dentures which can slip out of place and rub the soft tissues of the mouth raw. These are a permanent part of the mouth.

•  There are no dietary changes required and they do not have to be removed in order to clean and care for them.

Components of Dental Implants

Many patients are nervous about making the decision to get dental implants. For many, they feel judged by how they look with missing teeth and feel depressed about their appearance. They fail to understand that dental implants could be the solution they need. They can be tinted and shaped to perfectly match the remaining teeth in the patient's mouth.

Some patients may think implants are a single piece inserted into the mouth but that is not the case. They are made of three separate components. The first part is known as the implant which is secured into the jawbone to provide a strong foundation for the second piece known as the abutment. It is screwed into the implant and provides a base for the last section known as the crown. The crown is the only section above the gumline.

What Advantages Do Dental Implants Provide?

There are no adhesives to keep them in place like with traditional dentures. They will not slip out of place and will not cause sores in the mouth from rubbing the soft tissues. Implants do not need to be removed to be cleaned. Looking and feeling like natural teeth, they can be flossed and brushed.

There are also no special diet requirements either as with traditional dentures.

Placement Procedure for Dental Implants

Taking place over the course of multiple appointments, the initial office visit includes an exam and assessment where the patient's needs are addressed and a plan for treatment is created.

Using the latest in digital technology, the patient's artificial teeth are manufactured with incredible precision, fitting to their individual measurements. They will fit without the need for contouring or reshaping as traditional dentures do.

Dental Implants Are Available at Your Marlton, NJ Periodontist Office!

The decision to get dental implants can be a difficult one but the benefits are undeniable. If you have questions or concerns about implants, please feel free to contact our office so we can talk about it. Call Periodontal Health Professionals today at (856) 702-4340 for an appointment.

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Benefits of Dental Implants Marlton NJ
There are many benefits of replacing missing teeth with dental implants. Learn more on our website today & call us to schedule!
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