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Regenerative Periodontal Therapy Marlton NJ

Diagram of bone regeneration with an implant at Periodontal Health Professionals in Marlton, NJWhile healthy gums and strong teeth are vital to overall oral hygiene and oral cavity health, none of those are possible without jawbone health. Without the supportive structure, teeth and gums cannot remain healthy.

Any patient having suffered a traumatic event to their face or jaw, or an infection, should be evaluated for treatment to assess the potential damage. When bone loss is detected, several treatment options are available.

Regeneration involves the regrowth of lost bone tissue. Although it is invasive and requires sedation, it is necessary to provide lost support for teeth and gums. Contact us in Marlton, NJ today at Periodontal Health Professionals to find out more.

What Causes Bone Loss?

Most people fail to realize jawbone health relies upon the constant opposing force of the applied pressure of chewing. When patients bite down, they are applying the pressure necessary to maintain bone mass. If a patient loses a tooth and an artificial one is not put in place, the opposing tooth and subsequently the jawbone does not receive the pressure necessary to maintain proper health which can lead to bone deterioration.

Bone Regeneration

Regeneration can help stimulate new bone growth and improve the strength and resiliency of the bone structure. It provides the underlying base upon which other surgeries and restorative measures can be placed.

Bone grafts, taken either from the patient themselves or an approved donor who matches the patient's requirements are put in place on the affected tissue to generate new bone growth. Once bonded with the patient's structure, it becomes part of the patient's oral cavity and will stimulate the regeneration of bone.

A tiny incision is made by using either a soft tissue laser or a scalpel to expose the underlying bone. As long as no infection is found, the procedure may continue. If an infection is found, the procedure will stop until it is removed.

Once exposed, the harvested material is secured to the affected location so it cannot move out of place. This is performed under anesthesia and can usually be completed in a single appointment.

Is Bone Regeneration Necessary?

Due to the common occurrence of bone loss, patients frequently require bone grafts to address the situation. When bone regeneration occurs, it can impact not only the patient's oral health issues but also improve the overall medical health of the patient. Considered preventative, regeneration solves many problems at once and makes the oral cavity much healthier.

While mostly used in preventative situations, in some cases, it can be used for cosmetic purposes too. It improves the outward appearance of the patient by providing much-needed support to the cheeks and gum.

Most of the time, regeneration is but a small part of a much bigger restorative process. It offers the additional and required bone mass for other dental procedures and appliances.

Schedule With Your Marlton, NJ Periodontist Today!

For those patients seeking dental implants to provide an artificial solution to widespread tooth loss, regeneration may be necessary in order to properly support the implants. To be sure, why not come in for an evaluation at Periodontal Health Professionals. We can assess the situation and make appropriate recommendations as to the best course of treatment for your situation. Call our number at (856) 702-4340 to get started.

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Regenerative Periodontal Therapy Marlton NJ
Most of the time, regeneration is one part of a much bigger restorative process that provides the required bone mass for other dental procedures. Call now!
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